Sunday, November 2, 2008

tHe unLuCkYiLy lUcKy fAtE

They say EXAMS are all about hard work with a touch of luck. What is this luck? Here the luck denotes the probability of "Asked Questions" which matches with the "Studies ones". If the probabiliy approaches one (which means that the topics which you have studied are only asked in the exams) then you tend to score more and better and are termed as "LUCKY". Same is true for vice-versa as well.

A new incident happened which made me ponder over the luckiness of the luck. A group of friends decided to go for a movie on a weekend. They booked tickets and were "lucky" enough to get them (especially on a weekend). However, one friend was missed out to be counted and was asked. Agreement of his watching the movie triggered the activities of the booking tickets part. His ticket was booked, "luckily" in the same row but in a different seat a bit away from the gang. It was concorded that the people can be asked to shift one seat and we can be together. How LUCKY he was here to get the booking of the ticket...

After reaching the movie hall, it was noticed that his ticket was not booked successfully. Oh my god!! what a blunder... Now what? Will he go home? How bad it will be? Shit man..!! All plan got spoilt. But wait... there were still some seats left and his ticket was booked again... this time in a different row. Difficult to shift or swap seats but atleast this time we all will watch movie together not in the same row but in the same theatre / screen. Again how LUCKY he was to get the ticket so late and that too on a weekend... 

Feeling pity / guilty about the gang's mistake, it was decided that all the tickets would be placed and each one will pick one. Whoever gets the "different row" will accept it and sit there. How lucky he was to get such a chance of again sitting with the gang. 

LUCKY draw happened and suprised ALL. The different row seat came again to the same fellow for which it was booked. SEAT looked like a glue that never separated from him. All were shocked with the result. Very less probability was there for that guy to get the same seat but the LUCK never changed the fate for him. How (un)LUCKY he was?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

wHy aRe aLieNs baLd?

We keep on seeing the aliens in the movies and games and all other kinds of shows / documentaries. Ask a kid to draw an alien and he will draw him (or "her" depending upon kids intelli-sense) having big protruding eyes with coloured eyeballs (mostly gReEn) having a thin skinny bony body with wrinkles around the skin (they shd try earth's "Fair and Handsome" product) and always without any hair over their big megalo-boniac skull.

Why? Can't they have hairs? Can't they have some other color hair? Can't their hairs swing and swirl as our hairs do?

When I say "No", its not me but the pre-occupied mind which is saying. If they are so advanced then shouldn't their shampoo also be so advanced in order to keep and help them retain their hairs? OR does that mean Hair is an "Vestigeal organ" (waste) of our body? Hair might not move alone from one place to another but it gives us the beauty and the look with style. So many firms are earning and growing because of this hair cutting and styling.

I have one reason why they might be baLd. As in my half-pant days, I read about "Evolution" (EV). Our tail bone disappeared due to EV. Our 3rd eyelid disappeared due to EV. Our long hands and bent back straightened due to EV. Soon our "Vermiform Appendix" (locally called as "Appendix") should also go away due to EV. And perhaps same is applicable to Hairs of the head as well.

This might sound a bit convincing but still confusing since its still unknown yet (atleast to me) as "wHo dEsigNed tHe 1sT aLiEn?" AND "wHy hE / sHe dEsigNed iT baLd?"

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

uFo: rEaL oR fAkE...

" Are the UFOs real?" is the question which sometimes passes away from our mind.

As soon as the UFO word comes in our mind, the flashy picture of a round shaped object confronts you resembling more or less like the planet Saturn. Was wondering that whether an object like that can really fly? Think about our Aeroplane having wings, having the behind RADAR giving directions and having the wings making the decisions to go up or down. Now one might say that the wing is not required giving the example of the helicopter but hello!! helicopter has the rotating shaft over its head and the behind radar as well to give directions.

Till now you might be convinced about the fact that we need atleast 2 things: a way to guide the equipment sideways (left / right) and up / down. But now think about the round shaped UFOs... Where is the direction giver? How does it decide whether to go UP or DOWN? We might say that it is a high technology on which they operate but what is it? Do we have the real idea of the design?

The movies like MIB, alien movies, etc shows the alien spacecrafts as round shaped objects... Can't they be some other shapes? Can't they resemble our aeroplane or jets?

Hope some day some movie will actually picturize the real spacecraft which might have arrived from the outside EARTH....

Till then the question remains unanswered....

eArTh Vs hUmAn

All of us believe that we humans are the most evolved entity in earth. We have a soul residing in us which leaves our body when we die. We have different cell organisms in our body performing various activies and functions to keep our body proper.

How can we say that ONLY we have SOULS?

Let me consider EARTH as an entity. Earth is relatively very big as compared to human beings in the same way as humans are relatively very big compared to the various cells in the body. We travel from one place to another in earth in the same way as different cells / organisms travel from one portion of our body to another. We need air to breathe in earth, organisms need bood or nutrient medium to stay alive in our body. We give birth to new babies in earth, cells give birth new organisms. We need food to survive in earth, cell needs their processing functions to live in our body. We have a heart, cells have nucleus similar to heart. We sometimes get diseases due to toxic substances and cell malfunctions, Earth lands get destryed due to calamities in Earth (earthquakes, floods). We have WBCs to fight agains foreign particles (antigens), our earth has atmosphere to fight against asteroids, etc. Someitmes we get infection in some part of our body, Earth gets damaged due to human wars on earth. Oh my GOD..!! So many similarities exist. Then I can consider Earth as the biggest entity and we are the microorganism in earth. Earth has an age and we all know that it will die after an interval same as the death phenomenon of human beings.

So, can't it be the case that EARTH too have a SOUL of its own?